To find a job in film making is quite a difficult task, film making is not widely advertised. Filmmakers looking for a crew rely on networking and the gossip route to communicate. Positions are filled by the time production starts.

When a film is being made, any jobs are only the duration of the production. Filmmakers and producers are only into one project at a time, they do not hire a permanent crew especially when they are independent contractors and not part of a major network.

It is based on what and who you know, and most importantly, what you have done in film lately. Anyone who has worked in film making knows you are always thinking ahead to the next job while you are on this one. If you do not know how this business works and what the hiring process is, you will not get anywhere. You need to formulate a few strategies to get hired.

If you are new to film making never send a resume unless it is asked for. Producers and directors don’t have time to read through these, and they will usually end up trashed. When a job in film making is in the classified ads, they are usually taken before the ad is in print. Quite a few personnel departments advertise jobs that they already have someone in mind for, to show good intentions when it comes to equal opportunity. They are able to show that the job was open and in the papers before anyone was hired by the number of resumes they received before they hired someone.

Do not make demands at the interview or spout off a list of the errands or tasks you will not perform, you may as well stay home if this is your plan. A job in film making or television, means schedules and even tasks are constantly being adjusted. There is no set quitting time and a workday is usually 10 to 12 hours long. Your family and friends are put on a back burner while you are working on a project. Those who work in the film making industry love their jobs and wouldn’t think of doing anything else.

Never act like a beginner, even if you are, as you will find you will not get anywhere in this business. No matter if it is your first day, the moment you are hired you are a professional. Always think and act professionally, if you don’t you maybe let go as the powers that be may feel you are not competent to handle the job.

Professional people produce high-quality results, no matter how long they have been on the job. They never worry about the pay, long hours, or tasks they need to perform. A professional has learned the rules of the trade before they step onto a set, and will act accordingly to achieve excellence in their work. They are always working to be the best at what they do to convince the filmmaker that you were the right choice for this job and hire them for the next project.

You need to maintain a good attitude most of the time, nobody wants to work with someone who constantly has a poor outlook and is sour all the time. Everyone has an off day, but that shouldn’t be every day. If you are a downer most of the time or have a great deal of personal problems, this type of job is not for you.

If you really desire a job in the film making industry you may need to accept an internship or volunteer and show them how professional you are. You will need to be willing, as a beginner, to work for little money or even free. Once you have your foot in the door and show that you are willing to go the distance and do an excellent job you will have a good chance of being hired on future projects.

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