How do you find products that will make you successful online? Here are three simple steps to teach you how.

You can be the person in the game of making real money if you’ll follow this simple method… The most successful marketers in the world are all good at one thing: observing the obvious.

In fact, coming up with winning product ideas is no more complicated than fixing holes in a road. Here’s how road repair works…

You walk the road. Every time you find a hole, you fill it. ‘The road’ is the marketplace. It’s where your customers are. ‘Walking the road’ is market research. It’s about finding the holes, finding out what customers like and don’t like. ‘Filling the holes’ is creating products that satisfy the specific needs of specific marketplaces.

If you want success on the Internet, focus on filling the holes in the road. In other words, focus on a specific market, find out what’s missing, and then develop a product that fills ‘the hole.’

That way, instead of trying to create a product from thin air, your knowledge of the market and what’s missing from it becomes a clear blueprint that tells you exactly what to build.

How do you find out what’s missing? Simple. You listen. And then you fill the hole with exactly what is needed. — A concrete example of the ‘road repair’ method at work.

A lot of people want to break into the Internet marketing seminar business. As markets go, it’s one of the toughest ones on earth. The market is limited, there’s a ton of competition, and many of the people in it have no problem making fake claims and offering false promises.

This is definitely not an easy market and under normal circumstances, it’s one I’d stay far away from.

Step one for me was getting to know the marketplace. Yes, even though I’ve been around online marketing since the beginning, I still had to do my homework.

What did this ‘homework’ involve?

Nothing too complicated… I just walked the road and looked for holes. Specifically, I talked to lots of beginning and intermediate Internet marketers and asked them what they needed.

And here’s the amazing thing. They told me: 🙂

Seriously, if you want to receive a flood of useful information, just talk to your prospects and listen to them. They will tell you everything you need to know.

They’ll show you exactly where the holes are and once you see them, it’s pretty obvious how to fill them.

Because I did my homework, when it came time to design the System training and the marketing for it, I was filling real holes in a real road and my customers experienced the difference between the System and other seminars right away.

Instead of hitting bump after bump, they had a smooth ride. Instead of spinning their wheels in potholes, they went out and built businesses and changed their lives.

Every successful business works this way.

There’s an existing market, there’s a lack in that market, and someone comes along and provides what’s missing.

When these three elements are working for everything falls into place and you get to declare yourself a ‘marketing genius.’

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